COVID-19 preclinical drug development database

CoViD-19: An early intervention therapeutic strategy to prevent developing a severe disease as an alternative to vaccine in controlling the pandemic

University of Huddersfield

Added 03/06/2020 | Updated 04/10/2021

Project Details

Type of project

  • Tier 1: repurposing existing medicines
  • Tier 2: testing existing molecules

Therapeutic target

  • Preventing infection (prophylaxis or preventing cell entry)
  • Preventing virus replication in early disease
  • Direct acting antiviral
  • Preventing cytokine release syndrome (immunomodulation or suppression)

Type of supporting technology

Phase of project

  • Focused compound screening (eg. known antiviral compounds)
  • Lead optimisation and activity validation

Modality (if can be disclosed)*

  • Small molecule

Molecular/cellular target (if known or can be disclosed)*

Partner institutions/organisations

  • University of Huddersfield

Key contact

Name: Dr Hamid Merchant

Email Address: [email protected]

Phone Number: +441484472387

Key Collaborators:
Dr Hamid Merchant (Project Lead)

Anticipated timeframe of future outputs

This research project is looking for the following:

Collaborations to facilitate the clinical trials in patients with early CoViD-19.

Further Details

Abstract or additional information (if available)*

Coronavirus may likely stay with us forever and it is the time to shift the focus on living with the disease. An approved drug or vaccine to treat or prevent the disease is still far and may not be readily available across the world in the near future, particularly in the low and middle-income countries. Therefore, a comprehensive pharmaceutical care during early CoViD-19 is invaluable in supporting patients under self-isolation or in quarantine to help with their symptoms and preventing them from getting a severe disease needing hospitalisation. This project provides a pharmaceutical care plan for the early CoViD-19 as an alternative approach to manage the pandemic in the absence of a ‘breakthrough’ drug or a fully established coronavirus vaccination program. The given approach aims to hit the coronavirus hard within the upper respiratory tract before it goes down to cause a severe disease.

Published outputs (if available)*

[1] [2]

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