COVID-19 preclinical drug development database

Inhibition of inflammasome activation in COVID-19 – towards resolving adverse immunological responses

University of Liverpool

Added 03/06/2020 | Updated 03/06/2020

Project Details

Type of project

  • Tier 1: repurposing existing medicines
  • Target identification or validation
  • Supporting technologies, models and assays

Therapeutic target

  • Preventing cytokine release syndrome (immunomodulation or suppression)

Type of supporting technology

  • Assays and protocols (eg. for virus detection)
  • Inflammasome activity, T cell and monocyte responses

Phase of project

  • Focused compound screening (eg. known antiviral compounds)
  • Lead optimisation and activity validation

Modality (if can be disclosed)*

  • Small molecule
  • Nanoformulations

Molecular/cellular target (if known or can be disclosed)*

Partner institutions/organisations

  • University of Liverpool

Key contact

Name: Neill Liptrott

Email Address:

Phone Number: 0151 795 7566

Key Collaborators:

Anticipated timeframe of future outputs

3-6 months

This research project is looking for the following:

Access to, patient, plasma samples and peripheral blood cells.

Further Details

Abstract or additional information (if available)*

Our previous work has demonstrated that inhibition of inflammasome activation may prove beneficial in treating patients with severe immunological responses. We have recently published a strategy for the repurposing of existing drugs, for utility against SARS-CoV-2, based on their EC50 against the virus and their pharmacokinetic parameters. We now propose to utilise this strategy to determine the impact of these drugs on inflammasome inhibition. Following a literature search of the prioritised drugs, we have identified a number of options for inflammasome inhibition to be used clinically in COVID-19 patients and aligned this with known pharmacokinetic parameters. The purpose of the, proposed, work is to accurately determine the impact of these molecules on inflammasome activation in validated model systems (human immune cell lines), define their EC50s and as part of a strategy to repurpose existing drugs, with defined safety/tolerability profiles, and determine their clinical application as immune modulators in COVID-19 patients.

Published outputs (if available)*

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